40 years servicing, installing, up-grading Machine Tools. CNC lathes, milling machines, knee mills like Bridgeport.

Factory trained (Okuma) service engineer who not only does Control and Servo repair but also Ball screw and Gibb adjustments/repair. Cincinnati born and raised now working in California helping local manufactures and machine shops with Preventive Maintenance and keeping there equipment cutting chips. Support CNC press brakes, turret punches and Lasers.

From repairing simple loose Bridgeport tables to repairing 9 axis Mori multi axis lathe/milling machines. Could be adding high pressure coolant systems this week to correcting vibrating spindle on 1954 Norton strut grinder. We get into them all.

Specializing in helping small shop with choosing best Machine tools to complete jobs they are looking to complete. Helping shops up-grade DC drives and up-grading or adding programable AC drives to equipment to prolong life and improve quality to equipment.

No long distance travel, have paid my dues on the road. Working to support shops in a 50 mile radius of Folsom California.